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..::What we’ve been into…

Recently, we have been working to secure various sponsorships and endorsements. This is to ensure that we have and are endorsing the best gear on the market, and it allows us to save money to purchase merchandise for YOU, the fans!

It is our pleasure to be endorsing the following products and sponsors!

(WB Gear)
SIT Strings
Big Bends Nut Sauce
InTune Guitar Picks
GuitarGifts4u Straps
Prestige Guitars

Knucklehead Strings
Dovetail Strings

Planet 13

Crystal Photography of Georgetown

Merchandise you can expect to see soon: Stickers with our logo on a grey background, various colored guitar picks with our name and logo on them, guitar pick earrings and necklaces with our logo on them, and small posters.

Once again, thank you for supporting us! Can’t wait to get kicked off next week with an opening show, and at the end of the month with the Jessamine County Public Library’s Geek the Library Campaign

Thanks for the Support!

With the help of all of our loyal fans, we are now the top 3 hits on Google for “Third Notion”
We’d like to get all of our Social Networking sites listed on the first page, so please, like or follow the below links

Also, give some support to our buds over at @Planet 13

Thanks again, guys! Keep checking back for our EP (Early to Mid Sept)

And remember our gig in Nicholasville, August 28, from 1-5 (We play at 4)

We might be playing the Rowan Co. Fair, and Collinpalooza.

-Third Notion

Give me a Laundry List… I’ll turn it into Music.

<3 Amazing how i keep forgetting I have this thing. Here’s what happened:

I decided to hop aboard the bandwagon and create a Twitter. I, at that point, became awesome. I made a few posts. I forgot I had this.

I then come back later to realize that I do, in fact, have one. I post. I then proceed to forget, again.


However, my cuddle buddy Taylor generously reminded me when he posted a new article. So, I figured a new one can’t hurt.

So, I have discovered that I do not possess the skills required to write in E tuning. However, Drop D, C, and B are all easy to write in, as well as their variants. I literally wrote a song, and cannot remember it. Must have been crap.

Maybe I’m slowly becoming senile? I’ve already started growing my belly region out. Which, btw, sparked my diet. Starting tomorrow, I’m actually going to control how I eat. I digress.

So anyway, I am a drummer. I picked up a guitar and fell in love with it. I bought an acoustic and instantly made love to it with my melodic fingers. I then discovered I also love singing. Which, if you are following me VIA Facebook, you can view on my photos - my videos area. <3 I hope I can sound as good come time for our shows, It’s odd that I can hit almost any note within my range just by listening to a song. If I can’t physically hear it, or kind of hear it in my head, my voice turns to a moist pile of cow manure.

So in June, please forgive me if this happens.

So SFSG is about to get a lot of stuff done, as is Triat.

Funny story, Triat. Started as my project and I’ve taken quite a liking to it. Not that I don’t love SFSG <333 But I have had a genre preference shift, of sorts. I’m even getting the guitar to prove it. Les Paul Jr, a true punk machine. Single Humbucker but still a mean fast little demon.

So check my previous posts for show dates.

Add a June 19 show as well, for SFSG.

Stay Golden

It’s Been A While

Hola, Tumblr World. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I figured I’d make an announcement of what’s up

May 14 - Triat and So Far, So Good will be playing back to back in Blue Licks Resort.

June 11 - Triat and So Far, So Good will be playing along with Dieronic, Austin Perry, Demigods Are People Too, and others TBA.

May 22 and 28 - So Far, So Good will be having a demo gig and photo shoot. Come out and support us, we’ll play a song for you

New Bassist. For The Win.

Welcome aboard, William Collin Alexander.

As we now have a bassist, we will be able to start throwing down some music. Hopefully, when we are all able to get to practice, we can get some more recorded, for your viewing pleasure.

Promo Shoot = March, April, or May.

BoB = March or April.

Badass Band = Happening now.

Battle of the Bands?

The possibility of a BoB has come forth. It’s a bit far out (Morgan County), but the payoff could be awesome. It’s only talk at this moment, but it would still be cool if some fans could come down and support us, considering we go.

It might be possible to take two vehicles, and could possibly carry maybe another person or two. Have to account for all the equipment, and will probably schlep it with a walk-in trailer. That frees up a few seats.

Anyway, anyone willing to tag along we ask that you pitch in 6 dollars for a bit of gas. Morgan is a hefty drive.

Thats it. 6 dollars. Thats two gallons of gas, and only about 1/4 of the gas needed to get there.

Will let you know as something more emerges, it might turn out we dont even go. But as I said, it would be awesome fir a few fans to come support us.

—The Band

Come Play Bass

We (the Band) Need a bassist. Locally. One that can be at every practice. One that can play hardcore and look good doing it.

Is that you? If so then contact us via our facebook page or at

Before we shoot our promos would be best, so that you can be a part of that.

Please get back with us.


Promo Shoot

So, since we (we meaning the band, of course) have come to a steady member list (minus the bassist) We have decided it would be time to hire a professional to do some promo shots for us.

Of course, this is a pretty exciting time for us. The photographer in question is coming down for a full day of shooting. We will be wandering around downtown Flemingsburg with equipment and clothes. So if you see us, stop and say hi. We might throw you in a promo shot for the band page.

On the same note, our songs are coming along nicely. Check out our page for a video for our intro song, Fite <3 Obama (Forever and Always) Which has lyrics being written as we speak.

Support us. Make us famous. Come to our shows.

Or be Conquered.

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