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Battle of the Bands?

The possibility of a BoB has come forth. It’s a bit far out (Morgan County), but the payoff could be awesome. It’s only talk at this moment, but it would still be cool if some fans could come down and support us, considering we go.

It might be possible to take two vehicles, and could possibly carry maybe another person or two. Have to account for all the equipment, and will probably schlep it with a walk-in trailer. That frees up a few seats.

Anyway, anyone willing to tag along we ask that you pitch in 6 dollars for a bit of gas. Morgan is a hefty drive.

Thats it. 6 dollars. Thats two gallons of gas, and only about 1/4 of the gas needed to get there.

Will let you know as something more emerges, it might turn out we dont even go. But as I said, it would be awesome fir a few fans to come support us.

—The Band

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