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Give me a Laundry List… I’ll turn it into Music.

<3 Amazing how i keep forgetting I have this thing. Here’s what happened:

I decided to hop aboard the bandwagon and create a Twitter. I, at that point, became awesome. I made a few posts. I forgot I had this.

I then come back later to realize that I do, in fact, have one. I post. I then proceed to forget, again.


However, my cuddle buddy Taylor generously reminded me when he posted a new article. So, I figured a new one can’t hurt.

So, I have discovered that I do not possess the skills required to write in E tuning. However, Drop D, C, and B are all easy to write in, as well as their variants. I literally wrote a song, and cannot remember it. Must have been crap.

Maybe I’m slowly becoming senile? I’ve already started growing my belly region out. Which, btw, sparked my diet. Starting tomorrow, I’m actually going to control how I eat. I digress.

So anyway, I am a drummer. I picked up a guitar and fell in love with it. I bought an acoustic and instantly made love to it with my melodic fingers. I then discovered I also love singing. Which, if you are following me VIA Facebook, you can view on my photos - my videos area. <3 I hope I can sound as good come time for our shows, It’s odd that I can hit almost any note within my range just by listening to a song. If I can’t physically hear it, or kind of hear it in my head, my voice turns to a moist pile of cow manure.

So in June, please forgive me if this happens.

So SFSG is about to get a lot of stuff done, as is Triat.

Funny story, Triat. Started as my project and I’ve taken quite a liking to it. Not that I don’t love SFSG <333 But I have had a genre preference shift, of sorts. I’m even getting the guitar to prove it. Les Paul Jr, a true punk machine. Single Humbucker but still a mean fast little demon.

So check my previous posts for show dates.

Add a June 19 show as well, for SFSG.

Stay Golden

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